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RtheB is a yearly event where the Lyrical Ministers takes to the stage to minister to souls all over Milton Keynes.
RtheB started out as an evangelistic Praise night program to win souls and grow the church, however during preparation towards the event, the perspective change and thus with One Mind One Goal and One Purpose, the vision was to reach out to lost souls via the Sound of Gospel Music

  • September 2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    After years of trying to organise a praise & worship night, on the 13th of September 2014, a small group of singers within the then Lighthouse Chapel International now Mustard Seed Chapel, Two Mile Ash branch choir got together to organise a Praise & Worship night as an evangelistic program to win souls for the church, however what followed was more than the normal Praise & Worship night and one person was moved by ministration and gave their life to Christ. This then established our foundation for a yearly event with the Grace of God

  • September 2015

    The Vision is Alive

    By the Grace of God, we were able to organise the show at the same venue the following year with a good turn out and a couple of souls giving their life to Christ

  • August 2016

    The Vision is Still Alive

    By the Grace of God, we were able to organise the show for the third year, however we encountered a challenge as we had to find a different venue. The venue was under new management and was undergoing refurbishment. The major challenge was to find a suitable venue to capture the concert atmosphere, but by the Grace of God we got a venue and the hiring cost was half what we paid for our previous year hall hire

  • August 2017

    The Vision is Still Alive

    This year, our theme is Victory. Come and receive the Victory of God in your life. You can't afford to miss. Go Grab your FREE Tickets Now - Limited Seats

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